Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tickle Your Brain

Yesterday was the monthly meeting of my quilt guild. I shared this quilt during Show and Tell.

The pattern is called a disappearing 4 patch. I used the directions from The Missouri Star website. It's scrappy and went together quickly and quite easily. Great for a beginner or a fast quickly. I used a larger square to begin with (7") and then cut the squares 1.5" from the mid line. This yielded a 12" block. Here's the link.

I wanted to make a quick and dirty quilt to experiment with an inner border using my Curvalicious tool. I started with a strip of fabric that measured 3" wide by the length of my quilt. After applying fusible web to the back of this strip, I only cut one side of the 3" wide strip of fabric, curvy with the tool.

I fused this to the 5"wide strip of fabric that I cut for my border. I added the circles and stitched them down with a machine blanket stitch, before attaching it to the quilt.


I really like how the borders came together in the corners.

I would have been a little happier if all 4 corners were the same. LOL


I tried a couple of new techniques that I had heard about recently. Nancy Humphreys sent me a link for a video about a no measuring method of joining the tails of your binding by Cassandra Plotts. Let's just say I loved it and will never measure again. Thank you Nancy. Here's the link if you want to try it.

I also used a new type of label for the back. After cutting a 7" square of fabric, I folded it in half and sewed it into the seam allowance when attaching the binding. (It's easy to do if you are sewing the binding to the back of the quilt first.)

I hand stitched down the folded edge and wrote the label with a permanent fabric marker.

It was fun to experiment and it just shows that you can teach an old dog new tricks!







  1. Cheryl, I love this quilt! The border is perfect. I kind of like that the corners are not the same but then again, I like everything a bit asymmetrical.

  2. Love that border and another good use for Curvalicious Tool.

  3. Those are MY colors! I love the curvalicious border! I, too, would be bothered that the 4 corners didn't come out the same - do you think it's because the quilt wasn't quit mathematically right for the size of the ruler? (yup, I'm bothered by a crooked picture on the wall too!!)

    The quilt label looks all cheery & fun as well!

    I love how they miter out to a point, that adds to the charm! And the circles really offset the squares.


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