Friday, July 18, 2014

MAQ's Fun Class Of The Day

Today was the first day of the Mid Appalachian Quilters get together. I wasn't teaching today, so I was able to check out a bunch of the classes and chat with teachers and students. It was great to see all the different classes being offered. There was definitely one class that I would have loved to take. Theresa Fusco, a fire cracker of a test her, was teaching how to make your own unique floor cloth.

It looked like so much fun and I wish I had been one of her students. The students loved her. Everyone had a blast and they all finished, except for the final seal coat. Here are a bunch of photos of the floor mats in different stages:

Teresa gets down and dirty with her students.













The class was so well received that she is going to do it again next year.

Check her out:



  1. That does look like a fun class and I still have rug backing to make painted floor cloths.
    I need to get my painting area cleaned up again so I can start one.


  2. Lots of fun with great results!


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