Monday, July 21, 2014

MAQ Fun Class Of The Day

Of course I had to share my Curvalicious class as the fun class of the day. I had such a great class of women. It was a mixture of beginners and more experienced quilters. I knew some of the ladies from last year and some of them from my local area. They all made great progress and I was so proud at the Show n a Tell on Saturday night as they paraded across the stage.



This was new to me. A wallpaper seam roller to press open seams. I have to go find mine, because my wallpapering days are over.

The quiltaperazzi!

Day 3 I taught my fiber mosaics. It was a perfect class for a Sunday.

A no sewing machine class.

Can't wait until next year. Thank you to all of the staff that worked so hard to make this a wonderful experience. And I am so happy to have reconnected with women from last year and to have made so many new friends.

Try it next year. You won't regret it.


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  1. That does look like fun and I do have a book with the curve styles.
    I need to reread it since the first attempt came out wrong.



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