Monday, July 28, 2014

It's A a Happy Birthday

I usually have trouble buying gifts. I change my mind a million times trying to come up with the perfect gift that the receiver will love. I make myself crazy. It's just not intuitive for me. EXCEPT, for my DIL. She has so many interests and is so passionate about many of them. She is Martha Stewart mixed with Carter Oosterhouse (from HGTV) mixed with Bear Grylls!

She built this table and benches using discarded wood from a store.

I found this very funny tote bag on a weekend trip to NYC from this wonderful store called West Elm. I couldn't resist.

And I just loved those Wecks canning jars. She made apple butter and a bunch of other canned items last year.

And then to appeal to her handy woman side, I found a great tool apron. A little embroidery made it special for her. Can you see the Shop Fox label?

I had to do a bit of a repair job myself. I sewed over the belt on the back side when I was doing the embroidery. Oops! I hope she doesn't notice.

Happy Birthday Loren!



  1. Happy Birthday, Loren! Hope you love your gifts. I certainly enjoyed seeing the pic of you in your kayak!

  2. Those are wonderful gifts for your Dil and you put a lot of thought into getting her something special.
    Love the table she made, I really need to do more repurposing.


  3. That's a great gift Cheryl! I am still wrapping my head around the DIY table.. Simply amazing!

  4. I don't know who Carter Oosterhouse is but I know you lucked out in the DIL department. Anyone who kayaks with a dog is awesome! Oh, happy Bday, Lauren. Boy, nice swag. You lucked out in the MIL department.


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