Sunday, January 11, 2015

Inspiration From Key West

This week I am focusing on houses.  I walk or ride my bike with my buddy almost every morning and the scenery here is just fascinating.  The architecture is so unique.  There are several typical styles that are located on the main roads and all the little lanes.  I love them all.  And the colors can be just amazing, but if you want lots of space between your neighbor, this is not the place.  Land is expensive, so you can practically reach out and touch the house next door.

A few years ago, I played with these house designs to make this fun folding fabric book:
There is a very stiff interfacing inside that makes it rigid enough to stand.

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  1. What fun you must have riding around looking at those cute places ! Your fabric real estate book is really cute and it's east to tell you love it there.

  2. I love the houses, and I really love your adorable fabric book you made inspired by them! So cool!

  3. The houses in the keys are fun and great inspiration, love the little houses you have made.


  4. One of my very, very favorites of your work! What happy cottages and homes in Key West. Thanks for sharing the warmth and sunshine. Miss you Cheryl!


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