Saturday, January 17, 2015

More Silk Blocks

A couple of weeks ago I shared some dupioni silk blocks that I was working on during our drive down to Florida.  You can see them in my post titled "Hitting The Road".

I finished one of them and have made a couple more.

The blocks measure 14" finished.  I fuse the silk down with a fusible applique called Soft Fuse, stitching a few pieces at a time.  My plan is to make a dozen of them, all different.  
I  design another one as I finish the last one.  The plan is for them all to have a Jacobean flavor.
They will surround a center square.  The design for the square is still percolating in my head.
 It's a bit slow going because I started the first block with hand stitching and so I will continue that until the quilt is done. 


  1. The silk looks beautiful in the flowers.


  2. They are quite gorgeous. I've never worked with duponi silk.

  3. Cheryl, your blocks are beautiful! I love them!

  4. How are you cutting all the scallop edges? This will beautiful project.

  5. Love the colors. A bit Key West!


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