Monday, January 5, 2015

My Bucket List

 Key West is a town with multiple personalities.
There are personalities that I love and those that I don't. There is warm weather, lots of art galleries, lots of restaurants and beautiful scenery.  There are also lots of bars and lots of t-shirt shops.  
This is one of the cleaner t-shirts that I have seen on one of my morning walks, so I had a good laugh one morning when I saw this t-shirt in a shop window.  
 It was perfect because I am working on one of the quilts on my bucket list. 

One of the quilts on my bucket list is Storm At Sea. I want to make it out of silk dupioni. It is created with triangles, squares and rectangles, but has the illusion of curves. Storm at Sea presents its own challenges due to color placement leading to a variety of designs.  I looked around on Pinterest to help me choose which color placement to choose.  Here's a LINK.

I decided to paper piece the blocks.  I used the pattern that was provided at Quilter's Cache. 

The pattern is composed of 3 different blocks.

Here is my favorite paper piecing tip when you need to make your own paper foundation.
You will need newsprint and a stapler. 
(I love that stapler.  It is very special to me because it was my Dad's from his office.)

I use newsprint because it is easy to remove. 

Print out one copy of the pattern and then fold the paper so that it is larger then the pattern.  
Staple in a few places.

With an unthreaded sewing machine and a basting stitch, sew around all of the lines perforating the paper as you go.

Remove the staples and separate the patterns.
Lots of paper foundations ready to stitch.

Here are a bunch of the blocks on my design all.  
I made them with silk dupioni.
It's hard to see the movement.
I think and hope once the blocks are put together, there will be a flow.
Keep your fingers crossed.

Do you have a quilt Bucket List?


  1. Keep going...I think you've got it!

  2. I did a mini SAS and I really want to make a bigger one - I love your process! very smart.
    great colors

  3. The silks will make this amazing!
    I have a fluid bucket list, I might need to write them down.

  4. What great ideas you come up with. I'm going to use that multiple pattern paper piecing idea in the near future.

  5. I have always loved this pattern. I know what you meant when you said the color placement was important. It looks great. Another great tip on sewing! Thanks!

  6. If toy squint a little the movement is clear.


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