Saturday, January 31, 2015

This Is How They Roll In Key West

I feel energized creatively being surrounded by all the bright colors and art here. 
 It's everywhere, even covering all the different forms of transportation.

Lots of Taxis

These bikes inspired me to do a few more sketches, including a zentangle style sketch.

Bicycles are the preferred method of transportation. 
Gas is expensive and there is very limited parking. I love the idea of riding a bike to work and everywhere else. It is a liberating experience and I feel healthy.   I try not to get behind the wheel of a car for 2 months.  It does help that my hubby does the grocery shopping!


  1. Quite different from the cars we saw in Naples!!

  2. I love seeing your artwork Cheryl!!!

  3. Love those color-drenched vehicles, and your sketches!

  4. Love the green and blue bike. It needs dragonflies tho!

  5. There are some
    beautiful rides. Good for you leaving the car behind!

  6. Why am I imagining a big change to YOUR bBeetle and bike when you return....c'mon...why not?

  7. what fun. I miss riding my orange bike - too many hills here in CT where I am! love your sketches

  8. Love your drawings, especially the Zentangle. Life is a beautiful ride. I agree. I would really enjoy having a ride like Sherry Sweet T this winter. The cars here are decorated in salt! Not so lovely.


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