Monday, September 14, 2015

A Fun Diversion

I was approached to offer a fabric dyeing workshop where I teach during the summer. I was so excited because I love to dye fabric. I don't quilt with hand dyed fabric a lot, but I love the process of creating it. It merges my love of textiles with my background as a chemist. It brings back memories of my days spent in the lab.
I thought a great place to start teaching fabric dyeing would be with a gradation kit from Pro Chemical & Dye .  It comes with 3 fabric dyes and it results in 30 fat eighths of fabric in 30 different colors.
First I numbered each Baggie and each piece of fabric and put the appropriately numbered fabric in each The appropriate baggie and made up the dye. 
The dyes were mixed according to the directions and added to each baggie. 
After batching overnight, the washout begins. 
That's my kitchen sink. I always get excited at this point. Fabric dyeing is sometimes a bit of a mystery. 
After washing and drying the fabric, I find it hard to wait to iron, fold and stack the fabric. 

Just luscious. I couldn't help playing. 

I usually donate my hand dyed fabric to guild auctions, but I think I'll make a quilt.  Solids are hot now especially when paired with white or grey. 

Do you sew with hand dyes?

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