Monday, September 28, 2015

I Felt Like A Liliputian

I felt like a Liliputian in the land of giant lily pads. 
I was at Longwood Gardens for their Nightscapes special exhibit. I wish I could share photos of this amazing exhibit. It started at 8:00PM and it was dark. I felt I wanted to be in the moment rather than looking through my iPhone taking photos that probably wouldn't work. All I can say, if you get the chance to go, do it. There were 2 outdoor exhibits in particular that were teamed with music and were absolutely amazing. The entire exhibit went from ethereal to eerie to other worldly. 

I went early to visit the orchid room and see the giant lily pads. The lily pads are seasonal, so I look forward to seeing them. Boy was I surprised when I looked up and saw a fellow quilt guild member in a green Longwood guest. Holly is a docent and she shared a bunch of Longwood tidbits with me. 

I'll save my orchid photos for another time. I have a project in mind for them. But here are some from the lily pad courtyard. Just as a frame of reference, those pads must be around 4 ft across. Wouldn't you love to float on one?


  1. I was fascinated by those lily pads when I was there last summer. Amazing! as is the whole place. My only regret is that I didn't get to see the pipe organ due to a private function.

  2. Love the lily pads. I always wonder if they would hold up a human. Nightscape is amazing!

  3. Those are beautiful ponds and the night exhibit sounds wonderful.


  4. wow! Someday I'm definitely going to get there!


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