Friday, September 11, 2015

Convertible Backpack

Is it a backpack
or is it a crossbody bag?

It's both!
I think it's my favorite Curvalicious pattern.  Some of you may have seen it either at my quilt guild or at the Syracuse AQS show.  I created it for my river cruise to France last Spring.  In the country I wore it as a backpack and when we hit Paris, I switched it to a crossbody bag.  Either way my hands were free.

There is a hook on the strap and a D-ring at the bottom of the bag.  To make the change, lengthen the strap and connect the hook to the d-ring.  Abbracaddabra!

To change it from the backpack back to a crossbody bag, unclip the swivel hook and then shorten the strap.

Since I designed it for travel, there is a pocket big enough for my tablet on one side and then pockets to hold my phone, a couple of pens and ???? I made it the right size - not too big, not too small - to also carry my camera, sketchbook, wallet (of course) and my passport.

There have been so many pattern requests, that I have been working on one for about a month.  The owner of the Round Bobbin,
a great quilt shop in Ambler, PA saw it on a recent shopping trip and twisted my arm into teaching it this Fall. I wanted to make a sample for the class that used fabric from the shop.

There's a class preview party this Saturday.  I think that's when sign ups begin.  The class will be two sessions - 11/21 and 12/6. If you're interested you should call the shop for the particulars.  The number is 215-367-5596.

I apologize for the lack of color in the photos.  The anemic looking fabric is my favorite color chartreuse.  The same thing happened with the backpack to follow. I don't think my iphone likes green. Hrmph.

In the meantime, there's a wonderful quilter and friend that is testing the pattern. She finished in record time and gave me a bunch of notes.  After I make the  changes/clarifications, I will send it to the printer.   I will post it as soon as it's available for sale.I will put it on my etsy shop and it will include the backpack hardware.

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  1. I can't wait for the pattern! I saw your original at MAQ this year and was interested instantly.

  2. Great idea to include the hardware. Are you offering plain hardware for those who might want to make more...or is it readily available at sewing stores?

    1. Extra hardware kits will be available for those that want to make more than one.


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