Sunday, September 6, 2015

Getting Out

I spend a lot of time at home either in my studio quilting and designing or on my computer writing patterns and taking care of business.  So I don't get out much. I'm not complaining, because I love what I am doing.  Ten years ago I never imagined that my live if quilting would turn into a more than full time job. I consider myself extremely lucky. 
Last week I attended the monthly board meeting for my quilt guild. I'm the Orogram Chair. The hostess, Pat Barton, was in my Perfect Pillow class at MAQ this summer. I was in her kitchen eyeing the snacks and when I looked up to admire her screened in porch, look what I saw. 
They were just beautiful. 
Most mornings, I meet my wonderful friend Hattie at Ridkey Creek State park to walk our 5 mile loop (with Bailey too). Driving into the park this week, there's a stunning sunrise veiled with the morning fog. I drive by the stables to 
I know one day, this view will be the subject of one if my quilts. 
When I arrived at the parking lot, I was greeted with another Curvalicious creation.

It continues to amaze and excite me to see quilters using Curvalicious and to see their designs and fabric selections. ( and yes, I am still getting orders from the shout out from The Quilt Show).
Now I did have to go to Home Goods to buy some sheets. This is an awesome time of year to shop there. Tons of items for college bound kids plus lots of stuff for Halloween. I did buy Bailey an adorable costume for both Halloween and the New Year's Eve day dachshund parade in Key West. I'll save her the humiliation of modeling it for now. But I brought home a new friend. 
I think she's adorable. While I'm deciding whether to keep it inside or put it outside and whether to use it for a mum or candy, I thought my girlfriend would look cute in it. 

She doesn't look too unhappy. 


  1. Cute cute cute, you birthday girl!

  2. So much here! I love Pat's pillows! I can only imagine the sense of satisfaction you must feel seeing your pattern in someone's home. What a gorgeous shot of the misty sunrise in the park, nature is such a gift. I love Halloween and Homegoods has blown up with it but I didn't see your cute find on my trip there! I think Bailey only likes sitting in a vessel when it's moving (like her basket on your bike!). Beautiful quilt Hattie!!!


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