Monday, October 12, 2015

A Beautiful Day in NYC

NI had to do a quick trip to NYC to buy some dupioni for an upcoming workshop. I always get a warm greeting when I enter my favorite silk shop, Butterfly/Bazaar Silks. They're located on 39 th St. All the fabrics in their store are from India. 
Even though it was such a quick trip, I had some time to visit my new favorite bagel shop, Brooklyn Bagels. Actually I don't think you can go wrong buying bagels anywhere in NYC. 
And check out these spreads. 
I think I'll try fig next time. 
The woman behind me ordered a coconut bagel. I was very intrigued because I love coconut. She said it was yummy so I bought one, and a couple of others, to bring home. (In full disclosure I didn't eat breakfast to save my calories for a yummy bagel and cream cheese that I ate on the bus going home. )

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  1. I'm drooling...drooling over silk and bagels. I'll have a bagel with "shmear" please. On the bagel, not the silk.


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