Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Outlander nitting

My friends are Outlander lovers.  They love both the books and the television show.
When I saw what my DIL was knitting I just had to share with everyone who loves Outlander. 
She is making an Outlander Cowel!
She didn't want to buy size 50 plastic knitting needles, so in the spirit of Outlander, she took 2 branches from the yard, stripped off the bark and carved her own knitting needles.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Good Bye Bali

This will be my last psot about my trip to Bali.  I want to share the process that we used to make our own batik fabric.  These were the photos that were orphaned on my new camera.  I borrowed an adapter and was able to transfer the photos to my computer.

On our first day we hit the ground running and visited this batik "factory".  It was very hot and we needed the fans that were given to us as part of a welcoming gift.  I saw headers for Princess Mirah, a brand that you can find in some of our local quilt shops.  There are lots of these independent factories all over Bali.  They are considered subcontractors.

Walking down the driveway, we saw this prepared batik drying in the sun.
 Then we entered the shed and saw these rows of beautiful batiks hanging to dry.
We chose a pre-dyed piece of fabric and a chop to stamp our design.
Our chops were created from strips of metal swirled and bent into designs.  Of course I chose a circle design. The first step is to dip the chop in melted wax and stamp the fabric
to cover the entire piece of fabric.
This is what it looked like completely stamped.

The next step was to dye it with another color. This was not my fabric.
I chose orange. My fabric would remain pink where it was stamped with wax.  .
The wet piece is being scrunched before it is sprinkled with the mordant.
They added a third color, green to my piece.
The next step is to remove the wax with hot water.  Sometimes this is the last step and sometimes they add another layer of dye starting with the wax resist.

You may be asking how they create  consistent product.  That is exactly my question
Here is my finished batik

and here is Don's.  He started with a light blue piece of fabric.
And today is the day to pick the winner of the batik giveaway. There were many comments left here, via email and on facebook, I have picked a random name.  The winner is: sewcalgal
Congratulations!  Hope you make something fun.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It's Quilt Show Season

It's quilt show season and this is a great local show.  Come and be inspired by local quilters and do a little shopping with vendors.  
I am thrilled that I will be there in the afternoon for a book signing.  You can see all the projects in Sew Embellished! plus I will be doing a Curvalicious demo.
  I'll be bringing dupioni silk and lots of tools for sale.  

Bob DiCarli will be there in the morning with his latest book, that's hot off the press.

Stop by and say hi.

And don't forget to sign in for the giveaway.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Bags Are Unpacked And I Have A Giveaway

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I have finally unpacked my bags.  Since it was hot in Bali, there weren't very many clothes to unpack.  Just shorts and t-shirts.  So, the majority of the contents of our 4 suitcases was fabric.

How much fabric did I buy? Lots.  Fabric shopping WAS the highlight of the trip.  I did go fabric shopping twice.  OK, I'll admit it.  I bought over 65 yards of batiks.At $2.50/meter,who could resist?

 Plus some jelly rolls, pre-cuts and fat quarters and the white fabric that they are all displayed on is the blank white fabric that is used to start the batik process.
My favorite batiks that I have not yet seen here in the US are these animal themed batiks

And I even found an adorable shirt covered with lizards for Henry
And most of my other purchases were made of fabric too
Bags and pouches, sarongs and other assorted goodies
But my favorite purchase was this umbrella
Umbrellas were always displayed in the shrines along the road.  Was their purpose to provide shade for the gods? I just know I loved them.  I would have brought home a full size one if I could have, but I was just happy to find this table topper.

To lessen my guilt, I want to share some of my loot.  Leave a comment letting me know that you have signed up to follow me on Bloglovin or that you already are following me and I will choose someone to receive these batik fat quarters including that adorable giraffe fabric, on Friday.  If you can't leave a comment here, e-mail me or FB me after signing up with Bloglovin.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ubud Market

Don and I split up one day While we were in the village of Ubud. You may recognize the name from the book Eat, Pray, Love. I went to the spa and he went to a cooking class. After the class we went to the market early one morning to make sure we got all of the spices to make the Indonesian dishes at home. I do love satay, which is a yummy peanut sauce and that was one of the recipes Don learned to make. Here's an overview of the market.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Beautiful Batiks

We headed to the Hoffman Batik factory today. We had unlimited acces to see how these amazingly beautiful fabrics are made. It's a process of dyeing and waxing and overdyeing, sometimes as many as 4-5 times. Hoffman is definitely the premiere batik manufacturer. All of the dyeing and stamping and sorting is all done by hand. There was also a table of workers folding and packing the fabric into assorted bundles. I am still scratching my head about how they achieve consistency in the designs of their fabrics from bolt to bolt.

I did find this YouTube video of the process, but I'll share my photos.

Quality Control

Piecing the lengths together

Packaging fat quarters
The chops that are used to stamp the fabric.
Slabs of wax that are melted for the resist.
STamping the fabric with a chop that has been dipped in the melted wax.

Rinsing the excess dye out of the fabric.
Overdyeing and setting the colors in the field.


Finished fabric ready to ship
And some roadside photos





There was a religious ceremony, as there are on many days.

The women bring their offerings to the temple to be blessed by the priest.


Can you name the fruits on my breakfast plate?