Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crayola Washable Markers

Recently a friend sent me to  I read about a tip for using Crayola washable markers for marking fabric with quilting lines. I thought i f you could use these markers for quilting lines, why couldn't they be used to mark an embroidery design?  I couldn't wait to try it.  I'm quite a skeptic, but I so hoped it worked.  I love the blue marker that is made to wash out of fabric, but they have gotten pretty expensive and you can't see it on a blue or dark fabric.  Actually I paid the same amount for an entire package as I have for one blue marker.  And the chalk markers rub off after a short time.

Before I spent several days stitching, I marked a piece of the fabric that I was planning on using.  I highly recommend doing this any time a different fabric is used.  I found that I needed a little bit of liquid soap and a bit of a soak, but ALL of the ink rinsed out!

So this is what my project looked like.  First I drew a design on paper and then using a lightbox, I tansferred it to the hand dyed fabric using the green washable marker.

I stitched using a variety of stitches including the backstitch, lazy daisy and french knots. I like to embroider with some thin batting behind the design.  When I do this, the fabric doesn't pucker and an embroidery hoop isn't necessary.

Thanks for the great tip.  I love blogs.


  1. I take it, it washed out? LOL
    Great idea. I find one marker is too thick and the thin one works ok, but better if I leave freezer paper on the back while tracing. It makes it easier to trace for me.


  2. Oops! Did I neglect to say that it washed out? And the dye from my hand dyed threads did not. Good news all around.

  3. Thanks for passing along a great tip, and I loved your embroidery too.

  4. Thanks for the tip. I use a very light weight iron on Pellon on the back of my embroidery.
    Debbi F


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