Monday, October 11, 2010

Quilt Out Loud with Mark Lipinski and Jodie Davis

On October 1st, I headed to Stockton, NJ to tape a segment of Quilt Out Loud with Jodie Davis and Mark Lipinski.  They were filming on location at The Courthouse Quilters quilt show.  The quilt show is held in The Prallsville Mill in Stockton, NJ - right along the Delaware River.  It is a wonderful, picturesque, historic location.  There were quilts hanging everywhere.  And it was limited to members of their quilt guild.  It is a non-juried show and the quality of the quilts was just amazing.
  I was invited to be on the show, which is a subscription webcast, was to review my upcoming book, Quilt Fiesta.  I brought a bunch of my quilts and Martingale, the publisher, sent a book mock-up.  Jodie and Mark couldn't have been nicer.  They were warm and welcoming and I felt like I really belonged.  He is quite the wacky, entertaining fellow and she is calm and lovely.  Other than having to stand in a certain position that felt so unnatural which was supposed to make me look more natural, it was pretty easy.  Mark and Jodie are truly professionals and without rehearsing, they guided me though the whole experience.  I'm becoming quite the movie star!  Hahahahaha.

My friends and hubby made the trip with me.  Each of these friends took time out of their very busy lives to make a quilt for the book.  I love my friends (and my husband) and couldn't have done this book without them. 

The show will start airing on on Thursday, November 7th.  It is their Thanksgiving show as you can tell by Mark's colorful sweater. It will also include quilts from the show and a discussion about the benefits of belonging to a quilt guild and if it is for everyone. Tune in.  I think it will be a blast.


  1. I will have to look for that show, not sure if we get it in our area.
    Looks like great fun.


  2. WOW-Mark and Jodie-how awesome! Good luck with your book!

  3. Cool! we must make plans to watch it all together!

  4. Hi Cheryl .... CONGRATULATIONS on your new found celebrity status! I'll have to sign up for QNN TV so I can watch !

    Also, I saw a few posts back that you had a girls quilting weekend in my neck of the woods .... the Poconos . I live in Jim Thorpe and was thinking that lake picture looks familiar .... Bear Creek Lakes? Lake Harmony?

  5. The show is a webcast. To view it you have to go to on your computer and subscribe.

  6. I thought Mark had left QNN TV..Is he now back there?
    It sounds like fun!


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