Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mexican Tile Workshop

I debuted this workshop with the Southern Comforters Guild of Bowie, MD. and I couldn't have done it with a nicer group of women.  And what a debut it was.  It made me want to go home and make a bunch more Mexican tile quilts.  This group's creativity just blew me away.  One of the prominent goals of the workshop is to develop a secondary design where multiple blocks are joined. The women spent the morning creating the individual block designs.  Then we broke for a delicious lunch, from Vince's Deli.  I had to order their specialty, homemade potato chips.  They were served on a stick and were just delicious.  Thank you Amy.
Then the fun really began, as we "assembled" the blocks, using the computer to see what the quilt would look like.  At this point, the designs could be adjusted.  Some of the women used their drawings and others used fabric.



That black background really makes those colors pop. 


Thank you ladies.  It is so rewarding to have such successful students. I can't wait to see some finished quilts.  (This is where you hear the loud guffaws!)


  1. The potato chips are making me hungry, they look great! I really like the block with the black background, we need to see that one in person.

  2. I'm still bummed I couldn't make it to the workshop. It was nice meeting you at our meeting, though!


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