Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ark Curtain Installation

Today was an exhilarating and glorious day.  Today the silk dupioni ark curtain, "Enlightenment" was installed at Temple B'Nai Israel in Easton MD.  My heart swelled with pride as I hung it in the ark - where the torahs are kept.  It is such an honor to have my work as the centerpiece for this synagogue's most precious possessions.

The ark with the doors closed

This is the original ark curtain that is 60 years old.  It is navy velvet with lots of stitching with metallic thread.  The fringe is also metallic.  The handwork is amazing.

The new ark curtain, "Enlightenment".


  1. That is beautiful. What an honour!

  2. You should be proud! I showed this to my husband and he reacted with one word,"Wow"!
    Wish I could have seen this one in person. I bet it looks even more amazing!

  3. Wow! is right. What a gorgeous piece! :)

  4. How utterly beautiful! I can just hear the gasps of amazement from the congregation when the doors were opened!

  5. It looks great Cheryl, well done!
    It must be very satisfying to see it all finished.
    And now you can work on your own projects.

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  7. Wow wow wow!! It looks awesome, they must love it! Pat yourself on the back missy!

  8. Hi. Right now I am a"lurker" on IJQ due to med and other problems. I am bloqn away by your beautiful vision and wish I had it as a misrach at our synagogue. Absolutely stunning.

  9. What a dramatic change! I see hope and joy in your new hanging. I hope your synagogue enjoys it for at least 60 more years.


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