Thursday, October 6, 2011

Finally, Getaway Details

It seems like forever that we had a quilting getaway in the Poconos.  This was one of the few times that I drove up myself.  Well, not exactly myself - I had my trusty companion as my co-pilot.

Driving alone. I certainly had time to chill and reflect.  The leaves were just starting to turn.  In a couple of weeks they will be amazing.
Usually I bring up one quilt to design and work on.  Everyone else is power sewing away and I just plod along, feeling a bit unfulfilled.   This time I decided to join the crowd.  I made a bunch of small projects.
So here's my list:
1.   Breast cancer pillowcases for our local hospitals.  I made 4.  You can find directions here. They fit a travel size pillow.

2.   Casserole carriers.  I made 2.  You can find extensive directions and tons of photos on the 2 Little Hooligans blog.  I used Insulbright to help the casseroles stay warm during transport.. I lined the carriers with a contrasting fabric.

3.  One beaded bracelet for my quilt guild's December auction.

4.  Tallit commission.   This was a great project.  A neighbor called and asked her if I would do this for her.  It was her idea and I just love it.  A tallit is a prayer shawl that some Jewish people wear when they go to synagogue.   (Thank you Chrisitne for modeling.)

The first time that one  is worn is for their Bar (boy) or Bat (girl) Mitzvah.  It is quite an emotional and powerful event. ( My son wore his grandfather's threadbare tallit for his Bar Mitzvah.)
My neighbor called and asked if I could transfer photos to fabric and line her nephew's tallit

with  photos - photos of loved ones - some who are no longer alive.  I just love the idea, that during this important occasion, you are wrapped in love.  This is a great project.  I would do this again (hint.hint) and I don't say that about many commissions.

5.  Then I started working on this wonky silk dupioni wallhanging.  It is a bit too wonky for me.  I have it on my design wall and I am just not sure what I am going to do with it.  Any thoughts?

Getting all of these projects done was extremely gratifying. 
I have to share with you some of the projects that my friends were working on. Jane was also working on a commission.  I have to say she was doing a great job trying top make a silk purse out of a sows ear.  A man wanted her to make 3 lap quilts from his deceased mother's clothing.  Most of the clothing was wild housecoats/mu mus. 

Bailey was the only one that liked them!

Terry made a soldier's quilt.  The top  border is bunting and it has this great aged look.

Kelly is always the queen of many projects, but I forgot to take photographs.  Christine really did power sewing.  She finished all the braids for 2 queen size quilts.

Always a nice time with friends.


  1. I wish I was back there today! What a wonderful time with friends. Thanks again, Cheryl.


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