Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jewish Ritual Textile Art

Lots of non-Jewish quilters have approached  me lately  to share with me that they have created a Jewish wedding canopy (chuppah) or a prayer shawl (tallit) or a challah cover.  It's usually for a friend or a grown child that is marrying someone Jewish or a grandchild that is getting ready for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.   There are some Jewish needlework guilds where sewists can share information.  There are lots of people making Jewish fabric art.  Let's share it. 

For a while I have been thinking that it would be helpful to many people of different faiths to have a place where people could share their creations by posting photos.  It could also serve as inspiration and education for others. 

So I started a Flickr group.  The purpose of this group - Jewish Ritual Textile Art- is for us to share our creations.  The photos would be available for everyone to view.  I started by posting some of my own work.  I hope lots of people follow. So post a photo.  Tell anyone and everyone.  Let's get some
photos up there.  Here's the link.  There's no strings attached.

Jewish Ritual Textile Art (JRTA) Virtual Gallery

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  1. Cheryl, beautiful torah covers. will this be just a flickr group or will there be a yahoo group?


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