Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Design Wall - Gotta Have It

 All of the layouts in this post and the previous post were done on my design wall. If you think they look wonky, it's because they are not sewn together, just placed on my design wall.  A design wall or something resembling it, is such a big help when you are creating your own quilts.  I have quite a large one that spans the length of an entire wall of my studio.  But yours doesn't need to be that large.  I covered three 4'x8' sheets of insulation with light grey felt.  People also use flannel or polar fleece.  Some people also use white or black.  The advantage of using these types of fabric is that cotton or in this case silk, sticks to it.  I also use the sides of mine as a bulletin board/filing cabinet! I pin important papers, design inspiration and pattern templates.  If I filed papers away, I would never find them again.  When I am working on a large project, or run out of space, I do a clean-up.  It looks like I need one soon.

Here's a photo: 

And here's another colorway with silk HSTs.  Keep in mind that I have taken 96 HSTs and just rearranged them.

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  1. HST's -- one of the most versatile blocks there are -- I think your photos prove it! :)


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