Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Double Duty Kitchen Gadget

I have a  friend who will not buy a kitchen gadget unless it she can use it for 2 things.  I thought of her yesterday as I accidentally knocked my container of straight pins on the floor. These were the ones with the tiny little heads. They went all over and I dreaded the thought of spending the time to pick them up, especially the ones that ended up in the little cracks between the floorboards.

Then I thought of this little tool that I had just come across in a box of canning supplies. 
 It's called a lid lifter.

On the end is a magnet.

You can probably figure out the happy ending.


  1. I never thought of that, I can also. But my husband has this gizmo that telescopes out and has a magnet on the end. When he works on engines, if he drops a bolt in the engine he uses it to get down in the engine where his hand wont go and retreive nuts and bolts. He bought me my own so when I drop pins where I cant reach I use this contraption. I love things that does double duty too.


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