Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fantasy Fest In Key West

If you expected to see my Wednesday's Wandering today, I have a surprise for you.
I am in Key West.  We have been visiting Key West for a lot of years.  We loved it so much that we bought a place here a few years ago.  We had never been to their big celebration called Fantasy Fest.  Since our place wasn't rented this year, we said "Let's go and see what the fuss is all about."
We arrived last night.  It was Tu Tu Tuesday.
And what you may wonder is Tutu Tuesday?

Well...... people, hundreds of people dress up in tutus.  And it is not just women. 
 I have to say it was mainly guys!!!
Take a look.

And there was a parade of tutu wearing adults. 
 A police car that was playing rap music brought up the rear.  Only in Key West.
There was A LOT of nakedness.  I don't feel right posting photos here.  Some women are topless. Some are both topless and almost bottomless and there are guys that are only wearing g strings with their butt cheeks hanging out!  Oh my!!!  And they love posing for photos. And they are not all young and firm, if you know what I mean.  (I better stop writing before I get myself in trouble!)
Tonight is the Pet Masquerade and Parade.  You know how much I love dogs.  I can't wait.  More photos tomorrow.


  1. oh dear... i don't like key west...too "fruity".. love the keys though

  2. Yikes....makes things here on our vacay in St.Pete seem really dull - and I thought I was having a pretty good time, too! LOL Have a blast...and will we see you and hubbs in your tutus?

  3. Well, well, Ms CL: let's see if you come home the same after this little jaunt to the wilder side!

  4. Oh my love the tutus! Is Bailey dressing up?

  5. Incredible. Were there any older folks wearing tutus? Too funny.

  6. oh so gross! Thanks for the warning. If I ever visit Key West it won't be on TuTuTuesday.

  7. On our one-and-only visit to Key West, we, too, fell in love with the place.....however, we also saw way more of most people than we needed or wanted we just moseyed along. Thanks for the refresher course! It's definitely a lot of fun, if you remember it's just all in fun. Definitely not something I could handle every day of every week!

    Can't wait to see the pets parade tho!! I'd much rather see fuzzy bottoms on pups anyday!!


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