Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday's Wanderings #43 - Sewing with Bonnie Hunter

Bonnie Hunter is our guest speaker at my quilt guild this month.  She is the Queen of scrap quilts.  You have to visit her website, .  It is chock full of free tips and patterns. But, it would be even better, if you want to use up a bunch of fabric or scraps, to take a workshop with her. 
Yesterday, I took her Scrappy Bargello workshop. 
 You can see the quilt here.

For weeks before the wokshop, I would look at my stash to decide what type of colors I wanted to use. I waivered back and forth between modern, clear colors or neutral batiks or blue and white. 
 This past weekend I decided to use a bunch of fabric that I have been saving since 1996.  When I started designing Judaic  quilt patterns, I thought I needed to have all the Chanukah fabric that was ever printed.  After a while I realized I never used them in any of my designs. 

So this was the perfect opportunity to use up a bunch. 
First I cut out enough fabric to make pillow cases for ConKerr Cancer.  This would be good for any Jewish kids  that were stuck in the hospital during Chanukah.  Then I cut up the left over fabric for my scrappy Bargello quilt.

Bonnie is a tireless quilter.  You can see her quilt in the background of the photo.

This is an easy, full steam ahead type of quilt to sew. 
Here is half of the top that I completed during the workshop:

I can't wait to sew the second half and then try some other scraps.

So my WW is spending a day sewing with Bonnie and then listening to her talk. 
It is hard to see the Bargello design in this mini,
 but it will certainly remind me of what I did this week.

A great way to spend part of my week.


  1. Love how your fabrics look in this quilt project. It's cheerful looking already. Bonnie is quite amazing and prolific!


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