Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday's Wanderings #44 - Quilting Getaway

Fall is here and with it a trip to our little lake in the Poconos with my quilting friends. 
The ride up was gorgeous.

It is a little past peak foliage season, but it is still a sight to behold.
I never used to like orange, but Fall has changed my mind.

Our dock, where we often eat meals.  But it was too chilly this time.

This is what we get to look at when we are sewing.
I also love the color of pumpkins.
 Fall is definitely my favorite color pallette.
We eat a lot, talk a lot and sew a lot.  So far, I have finished my quilt top from Bonnie Hunter's workshop, made 9 Chanukah themed ConKerr Cancer pillowcases, made 4 sets of polar fleece hats and scarves for my guild donation next month and finished my WW block. 
 I'll share photos in my next post.
This year, our friend Jane is home recuperating from thyroid surgery.  (We miss you Jane!)
 My friend, Angela, who I met at a Pro Chem fabric dyeing class joined us. 

I decided for my WW block to celebrate my friends and the Fall weather. 
The block was created in layers.
After quilting the background, I added woodsy tree trunks.

For the next layer, I added the tree branch. 

The final layer was the leaves.  Everyone signed a leaf.  I even included a leaf for Jane.
 And one leaf for Bailey girl - the little heart one. 

 A quilting getaway with friends is the best therapy around.
Thanks to Kelly, Sujata, Terry, Christine and Angela.
And of course, Bailey.


  1. Cheryl, the photos are so, so beautiful!!! I love the Fall color palette too! Sweet WW block!

  2. How refreshing... a getaway on a beautiful lake. I can almost smell that fresh air!

  3. What a great place for a fall get away and your piece is a perfect memory of your trip.


  4. Cheryl,
    Last few days have been a blast. The sweet sound of sewing machine is still ringing in my ears and the views of the lake from my chair is making me smile.
    I had the best time sewing up a storm and hanging out with you. The ride back home was as pretty ad it was coming up your way. Thank you!

    Your block for this week is so perfect! I am amazed how you can put your thoughts and emotions onto these blocks. It would be fun to see the ones you have made so far all together on your blog. It is such a great idea for a quilty journal.

    Hope you are enjoying your quiet time and working on your mosaic.

  5. Cute block. Feel badly to be upstaged by Bailey's heart...but I do understand. The colors outside were spectacular....almost as amazing as the colors of our fabrics! It was a great time: THANKS!

  6. Thank you for the mini-vacation Cheryl! I could smell the clean air!!!

  7. WOW!!! Cheryl , I just found your blog and heard you are up in the Poconos. I live in NJ on the other side of Philly so going up there is like going to the shore. I have not yet however in the 15 yrs I have lived here , found a quilt shop in the Mnts. Is there a quilt shop in the Poconos ??? Thanks

  8. It was fun, thanks again for a good time!


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