Monday, October 29, 2012

Key West Inspiration

My favorite part of travelling is walking every morning. 
 I check out life on the street and the shop windows.
 Although I have been to Key West many times, there is always something new to see or to notice. 
There are lots of art galleries with such interesting pieces in the window, but please excuse the glare,
and lots to see on the streets.


Saturday night was the huge parade with floats, capping off Fantasy Fest.
The floats are filled with people and dancers blaring great music and throwing beads.  I took lots of photos, but either there was poor exposure or this guy's naked butt was in them.  Not for publication.
Thanks to Sandy, we get to spend 2 extra days in Key West.  We did a pre-emptive strike and changed our flight plans before all the flights were cancelled.  I hope all of you on the East Coast make it through the storm safely and without too much damage with lots of sewing projects to keep you busy.


  1. That looks like a fun place to visit, love the art work on the buildings.
    I am hunkered down for the storm, getting heavy winds and rain, so good day to relax and work on projects.


  2. Great photos! Enjoy your extended stay. You were prudent to revise your plans.


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