Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday's Wanderings #50 - There's No Place Like Home

This was definitely a stay at home week.
  I think this is what happens to me after all the excitement and hub bub of Thanksgiving.
Company leaves and the house is quiet.

It was a perfect week to stay inside.  The temperatures dropped and it was pretty cold.
You think I would have gotten a lot of sewing done. But I didn't. I took care of all the things I have neglected.  Each day I made a "to do" list that included phone calls, errands, Dr's appointments and even cleaning my closet.  Oh boy do I have lots of clothes to donate. 

So why did my lists not include sewing? Avoidance.
I am starting a new project - a big project- and I am just afraid to start. 
Sometimes this fear is paralyzing.
The root of the fear is the one nagging question that just sits at the back of my brain.
What if it doesn't turn out the way I envision it?

 I know the answer to that question.  I will adapt and adjust and my original idea may morph into something else or it may get shelved until I come up with a solution.  But I still would prefer to clean my closet than work in my studio.  Who knew?
Does this happen to anyone else?

But I have taken the time to make my block for this week.  There's no place like home. 
I know I say this over and over, but I love blanket stitching around fusible applique.  To me it is calming and I enjoy experimenting with different types and colors of threads.  Sometimes I match my thread to the applique and other times I use a contrasting thread. 

I free cut all of the fusible applique to add to the whimsy.  And I really enjoyed using sequins to make the tree look like it was made of polka dots.

I chose to cross stitch HOME at the bottom. I wanted this to bring a homieness to the block. The X's are not perfect. I drew them by hand with a chalk pencil. The remnants of the chalk is visible but after the block is handled a bunch the chalk will wear off..  To me it adds to the folk part of the art. But what a nice contrast between the vintage lettering and the bling of sequins. 

What a nice place to be.


  1. I like your blanket stitch too, it adds just the right touch. I too am feeling like a home body!!

  2. I like using a blanket stitch on my edges, gives it a nice finish.
    I need to get going and finish things and clean too, I avoid that, lol.


  3. I love the sequins on the tree. It gives a nice pizzaz to your block.

  4. Lovely, Cheryl. The stitching is all beautiful. The cross stitch is a great surprise.

  5. My favorite thing you do is the mix of machine and hand embroidery. Just adds so much to the block no matter what the motif is. Love the sequins.
    I am loving being at home these days. I get so much done!

  6. Cheryl, I also get "studio avoidance" when I hit certain parts of my quilts that I am unsure of or "stuck" on. Kudos to you for having the guts to reveal that on your blog for the world to see. You are definitely NOT alone on that one -- and I'd be willing to bet there are more than just the two of us!


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