Friday, May 30, 2014


I am still processing my visit to Jewish Town in Prague. Yes, that's what they call it. I visited 5 synagogues and will share photos and my thoughts in another post. While admiring all of the amazing buildings in Prague and Budapest, there is always the underlying history that accompanies the landscapes. These cities have very complicated histories and some of it has to do with the Jewish story.

For now, I'll just share my photos of Budapest. Some were taken during the day and others at night during a lovely, but damp river cruise.














  1. Wow Cheryl, these pictures are amazing! The night shots are beautiful I have to go back to your older posts. I don't think I have seen all these posts about your visit. So much culture and history, you will have lots of tales to tell when you return. Can't wait!

  2. Beautiful photos and I can imagine the emotions and feelings of your history as you walked through the churches.


  3. Wonderful photos, and remarkable buildings. I look forward to seeing and hearing more of your travels and thougths.

  4. Beautiful photos, Cheryl! Thank you! What an experience! Can't wait to hear more when you get home. And Happy Belated Anniversary!


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