Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I"ve Gotten Carried Away

There are advantages and disadvantages to having a scientific background.  For me, the biggest disadvantage is that when thinking about a project, I envision all the permutations and variations.
I can't help myself.  It's very hard to constrain myself.  I work very hard to FOCUS - sometimes.
I made this zippered pouch before I left for Key West using the tutorial for easy zippy pouches on a blog called dog under my desk. The directions are wonderful and if you have ever struggled to insert a zipper into a pouch, Erin shows you the easiest way ever.
The directions are for a pretty small pouch.  It was too small for my purposes.  I enlarged the directions and made this pouch to carry my key, money, credit cards and phone when I rode my bike.
I knew I wanted to make more and brought fabric with me for this purpose.  It was supposed to be one fun day while working on my Bailey quilt.  One day turned into 3 days, because I just kept imagining all the possibilities.  I ended up with 12 zippy pouches and a handbag!
 A trio from my new favorite color combination- orange and pink!
It's a batik.  I really like choosing a contrasting zipper color.
 This bag was cut as 10"x13".  I added a gusset.  they are very easy to do.
These smaller pouches were made 2 at a time.
 I quilted a 10"x10" square and then cut it in half to 5"x10".
These long pouches can be use as pencil cases or for brushes or for a rotary cutter.
They are both made from fabric treated with vinyl  The starting dimension was 9"x11".
I put a piece of batting inside of the bicycle one.
 I do love this bicycle fabric.  I started with 1/2yd that I bought on a visit to The City Quilter in NYC. I see more zippered pouches in its future.
 Not so successful use of a photo printed on fabric. 
Not enough contrast and the stitching was too distracting.
 Successful use of a photo on fabric.  A gift for a friend.

 So then I thought, why couldn't a make a shoulder bag using this zippered pouch technique.
At first I was going to choose a nice conservative black fabric, but decided to use a WOW! fabric.
Looking at it finished I realized that it is not really that wow,
 so maybe next time I will choose a show stopper.

This started with a sandwich measuring 10"x 18". 
After quilting it, I added an inside pocket.
I sewed a bottom seam and then I stitched down the middle.
I like a place where it is easy to find my phone and camera.
This is the hardware that I used.  There are not a lot of places to shop for sewing supplies here, but I found the clips at Ben Franklin. The plastic for the strap handle, I 'borrowed" from the back strap of an inexpensive backpack. 
I think it will make a great, lightweight travel purse.
It fits across my body - and it's adjustable.
Now that I have had a play day that turned into 3 days, it's time to get back to the Bailey quilt.


  1. I think I need more of a math brain, directions and measurements mess me up, lol. I like the plastic snap hooks, those are nice for camera pouches and seems like an easy way to make handles for fun pouches.


  2. The Orange & Pink combo just makes me smile. They were my favorite colors (preferrably together) when I was a little girl. Of course, the last time they were popular together was when I was a little girl (late 60's, early 70's)

  3. Well done! These are terrific. How was the vinyl coated fabric to work with? Interesting use for it. The variety of sizes make these perfect for just about any use. I like the idea of one to take on bike rides.

  4. what FUN! I ♥ the wow purse colors! so plum-y (in my head) and delish!!

    thanks for the link to the tutorial - I always struggle with zips - mine often come out a little wonky or short on one side seam or the other. :( I'm going to print it off & take it into my sewing room - right NOW.

  5. Wow! Busy girl! I hope you made one for me!


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