Monday, January 28, 2013

Watercolor Class #3

For my third watercolor class, we graduated to marbles in 3 colors!
These are the lime like marbles.
These are the orange like marbles.
I did not do any practice painting this week. 


  1. Those came out really nicely, it really is a good exercise to learn shadow and light, something I lack in.


  2. Those are so nice! Love the lime ones especially, awesome!

  3. Might not be as much fun as, say, riding your bike with Bailey, but the message must be sinking in, because you can see the improvement! OK, *I* can see your improvement. These really do look dimensional, and I'm sure that's the point of the exercise! (ugh, and why bother with exercise if you don't see results!)

    So, good job & keep at it!! :)


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