Thursday, January 24, 2013

Paper Painting Workshop Day #

Day #2 of the workshop began with Elizabeth demoing her collage technique. 
 She uses her board painting as the color guide for placing the paper.  
The paper is ripped by hand.  It is a no scissors zone!

Although we all tried to prepare paper using similar colors to our board painting, it soon became apparent that none of us were completely prepared.  But... then the "shopping" began.  Everyone was happy to share their paper because you only needed a little bit and in the end, there was not one person who didn't need some color or texture from someone else.

Here are some of the finished, or almost finished projects:
Karen and her apple, or was it an orange? I love how she used a variety of printed pages to create the tablecloth.
This is Joan's rooster.  She sat next to me and was so generous sharing her paints. 
Koi fish in a pond with lily pads. 
MK is definitely a talented painter.  She chose not to cover her mangoes completely with the paper.  It works!
Believe it or not, this is the gallery owner, Melissa. 
Lina and her apple.  Lina was visiting from Denmark with her husband.  He was part of a Danish crew racing a sailboat during race week.  She stumbled onto the workshop too.
And this is my conch house.

I did not have enough pink paper for the house and no one else had any, so I used a combination of pink, orange and red. So then I had to change the color of the  windows and the door.  So much for the road map. Right now the windows look like they are floating on the house.  To ground them I think I will add some mullions in maybe yellow.  I like it.  It looks very scrappy- a happy scrappy conch house.  What a great souvenir.

And here is Elizabeth and me with her finished apple.  She is so talented.

 She has published a book and has a DVD detailing her technique.  
You can find it on her website:


  1. That looks like so much fun and i love how yours came out.


  2. Wow, that class looks like so much fun. What a great learning experience. Thanks for telling us all about it.

  3. What a cool technique. Sure wish I could take a workshop like that. Your house is, indeed, happy.

  4. I like your happy scrappy house! Great variety of colors and shades in the sky too. Sounds like fun with everyone sharing their papers and am so glad you were able to take pictures of the other projects as well. What kind of glue do you use to glue it down (ordinary white glue?)and do you coat the top with anything when you are done?

  5. Cheryl, These are amazing! I am looking to add another medium to create with.. This might be it! You look so good! Can't wait for you to come back home.

  6. You are having a fabulous time painting your heart out! I like your house and the apple painting.


  7. Your house is very cool - and looks like a "string" quilt, go figure!

  8. Cheryl, your house is very "you" and I like that its your own style! What a great blog post, thank you for the links and the kind words. You were certainly a smiling bright spot in our Key West class!!


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