Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wednesday's Wanderings Contruction

I have to apologize for taking so long to post my construction technique for the Wednesday's Wanderings quilt.  Thanks to many suggestions and many trials and errors, I found a solution.  For those that are interested I changed browsers, from Internet Explorer to Firefox.  
Yay, blogging life can go on!
Back to quilting now.
  I don't tend to do things traditionally. 
 I also try to limit the amount of work I have to do to make a quilt appear precise.
So I want to share my unorthodox technique for creating my WW blocks
 and how I put them together.

If you have been following this project, you will have seen that each week I created a block.  Each week the block was constructed with batting on the back. If there was a background it was quilted through the batting prior to adding the applique.  This makes it very easy to quilt since I didn't have to quilt around the many parts of the design.  Handstitching  and embellishing were done with the batting in place also.  The batting keeps the fabric from puckering when stitching.

So the back of a block looks something like this:

or this:

I save scraps of batting that I save for small quilts.  
They are all low loft, but you can see that I used a few different types.
 Putting the rows together was the first step in assembling the quilt.

 I butted 2 blocks together, only the blocks, 
and zig zagged stitched them together with a walking foot.
And put them together a row at a time.

I placed Row #1 at the top of the backing fabric, wrong sides together.
And then butted Row #2 up to the first row. 
I pinned both rows to the backing fabric. 
 I used a lot of pins so that the backing fabric stayed flat and didn't bunch.

Then I made a fusible sashing to cover the seam between rows #1 and #2.

After I fused it down, I top stitched along the edges though all the layers.
And then I kept adding the rows to the background.
Until all the rows were added, sashed and topstitched.
Then I added the sashing strips vertically to end up with the top.


  1. I'm glad you found a solution to your blogger problem. My husband and I use mozilla and avoid internet explorer like the plague! And still microsoft tries to mess with us. Ah, the joys of computing. On another note, I like the method you used to do your blocks and assemble them. I'm going to give it a try myself.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful way to put small blocks together!!

  3. I never had good luck with IE, glad you could get back on the blog with firefox.
    I enjoyed seeing your progress and love all the blocks you have made this year and how you put them together.


  4. very clever...and now wonder all your corners matched up so well! thanks for sharing the secret

  5. What a great idea to fuse the sashing on top of the seam and then sew it down!
    What did you decide to do about the border question?
    Thanks for the great description of your method.
    Sorry the computer changed things on you but glad you found a way around it. I look forward to your posts.


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