Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Watercolor Class Part II

Now I remember why I hated art class when I was in school.  I can't even remember that last class I took whether it was in Jr High or High School.  I just remember how inept I felt and knew that art was not an option for me.  Science was my thing.  I liked it and I was good at it! But I was inspired to try my hand at watercolors by Jane La Fazio.  I want to learn what she does - journal sketching.  If you want to get inspired too, check out her blog.

Before I share my misery with class #2, I want to show what I did for homework from week #1.  We were supposed to practice painting our marbles, spheres, balls - whatever you want to call them.  Now I know those that teach art and have learned art the traditional way are tsking about my attitude. I am sorry and I apologize, but ... this may be the reason that so many of us are turned off to drawing and painting when we are kids, and I do understand about learning the fundamentals.

After doing the exercises, I sat on my quaint porch in the lushly planted courtyard here in Key West and decided to try my hand at some leaves. 

I know they are not the greatest, but they are not bad for someone having taken one class. 
 But what's the most important thing, is that I actually had FUN.
 It was enjoyable and relaxing and the time flew by.

Now to this week's class - a monochromatic view of an apple and a pear.  Oy!
 One thing that I found very interesting was a warm up that involved painting more marbles. 
 It's just like when we sit down to quilt and do a little practice sandwich first.
This was not fun for me.

I didn't understand this week's homework assignment.  So I think I will try my hand at more leaves, or maybe a Key West house or two.


  1. I took one of Jane's classes last year. It was a hoot and I learned a lot. So...when you take your next class take a deep breath and relax. Taking a painting class is like learning to ride a two wheeler. All of a sudden you'll take off and won't realize someone took the training wheels off. And tell the critic in your head to take a hike and before you know you'll find you're having fun!

  2. Cheryl, you are far more talented than I, but I can tell you the watercolor class I took a few years ago stressed me out no end. I had gone with a friend looking forward to having a different means of expressing my creativity when I wasn't in the mood to quilt. The night I spent 3 hours painting a cantaloupe did it; I never returned.

  3. I like your leaves very much! They have there own style, just like you! While you may not be enjoying your class projects that much, I think you will still learn things that you will apply in your own way to your own projects later on. Hang in there! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  4. I love every marble you painted! Your work is excellent. I can't believe you did all that with only one lesson.

  5. Well, if it's any comfort to ya, I like your leaves (better than your pears)! Give the quaint & charming houses a go, you may find that you already instinctively know how to make them come alive, and you don't have to take any (many?) more lessons! Good luck!!


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