Saturday, February 16, 2013

Alternative Photo Op

If you read my most recent post, you will have read that I had one of my brainstorms.
I don't have that much patience to spend hours snapping photos of birds in the right pose, especially when Bailey is balanced in my bike basket.  I couldn't tell the birds to hurry up and turn one way or the other, as much as I would have liked to.  Some times when I tried to get closer to get a better shot, the darn bird would fly away.  I had a better idea!
My friend Dan is a volunteer at the Key West Wildlife Center.  On his vacation he helps to take care of the many chickens, roosters, pelicans,egrets and a couple of other birds in need.  So I decided to visit him one day to photograph birds that I could get a lot closer to!

A surprise! A resident iguana.
This was well worth the visit.
An idea I may repeat with a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo.


  1. A great idea for nature shots. I haven't been to our zoo since my kids were little, think it is time to go, or maybe when the weather gets warmer.


  2. Then you would LOVE coming with us on Mondays - we work at The Texas Zoo, mostly taking care of animals, cleaning cages, giving out cuddles (keeping them handled with ease), feeding & general training. We get to handle ocelots, reptiles, coatis, tapir, foxes, tortoises, birds of prey & parrots of all sorts, amphibians, skunk & ring-tailed cats. Oh, and sometimes we get to interact with the lions & tigers (but not too up-close). Fun, fun, fun!

  3. I can't wait to see what you do with these photos! And what a great idea - go to the zoo or wildlife sanctuary! I am going to look into volunteering/working our local zoo. Cheryl, you are so creative and inspiring!

  4. Do I see a bird quilt in your future?


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