Monday, February 25, 2013

Art To Feed Your Creativity

Key West is so full of opportunities to indulge your inner artist.  So many opportunities that sometimes I find it hard to control myself. 
 I could get lost and never find the time to make my own art.
Last weekend, I dragged my husband to an art auction.  The auction was to benefit The Ann McGee Scholarship fund.  All of the art was created by local artists.  They receive half of the auction price and the other half is used to fund projects by other local artists. 
It was quite the event.  The food was beautiful and delicious. And the auctioneer, who came from NH, was so entertaining and did that mumbo jumbo talking so fast auctioneer thing.
 60 pieces were donated and sold. 
 It was a fun and very edifying evening.
During the same week I also took a 3 day printmaking class
 with Carroll Swayze at The Art Center in Key West. She creates beautiful handpainted etchings, mostly of tropical sea life.
We carved and printed with various bases.
 These are the blocks I carved.
First we used them for embossing.

 Then for printing with ink.  These are very cute notecards.
But I had my own ideas.  Fabric was not on Carol's agenda, but it was on mine.  The ink she supplied washed out of the fabric, so I used a paint that a lot of artists here in Key West use -latex house paint!
 My favorite subject. 
 A stylized leaf.
And another favorite subject here in the Keys.
I love how the black paint pops on the bright pink batik fabric.

 What to do with these fabric block prints?
A great funky t-shirt.


  1. It looks like fun, I love the food centerpiece! Good idea to put it on a t-shirt. Show us the technique when you get home, please!

  2. You are going to have to teach us the wood carving. These blocks are fabulous!

  3. That would have been a fun class to take. I use to do lino carving and printing when I was younger.
    We actually did that in art classes.


  4. You sound like you're having the time of your life in Key West and stretching you 'art wings'. Your block printing is lovely!

  5. Wow!!!!Such gorgeous can print them onto placemats,table runners,sarong,,totes...etc.



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