Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One Last Project

If you have been reading about my comings and goings for the last 2 months, you know how much I love being in Key West.  Well, after 2 months it is time to go home.  I am ready.  I am ready to see my kids. I am ready to see my friends.  I am ready to get back into my studio.
But, before I leave, I had one last project to do. 
 We own our place and it is rented when we are not here. 
So we have 2 of these luggage racks for our guests. 
 They look tired and dated. I have no idea how old they are,
 but based on that fabric I think they were made in the 80's.
So I made new straps from a bright, cheerful, fun tropical  fabric with colorful pink flamingos.
It gave those luggage racks a new lease on life!
Now I can go home.


  1. Love the new look and a wonderful print for visitors to your home, goes with the vacation spot, look. I hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip home.


  2. What a difference your new straps make! They look great!

    Can't wait to see you again! Have a safe trip home!

  3. Now you've got me going. I'm going to have to search out some flamingo fabric! Have a safe trip home.


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