Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bailey Mosaic Portrait Quilt Post #3

This was what Bailey's quilt top looked like the last time I posted about it.
The next section is her moustache.  I needed to make sure that there was enough contrast between her moustache and her face and ears so that her ears were visible.
 So I chose to use fabric that had a reddish cast.
This was the result.
 (Keep in mind that this section has not been sewn together and that's why it looks oversized.)
 Although I liked the shape, it was just too dark.  Oy!
So I sucked it up andstarted over.
 This time I used fabric that was similar in value to the inset of her eyes.
Next step is the bottom quarter.


  1. not just better, much better! the do and redo is such an important part of the process. LOVING this quilt, I have 2 puppies (well full grown Bernese Mountain Dogs) with great coloring, I may have to follow your lead and make a mosaic

  2. that looks gorgeous! worth the re-do

  3. That really came out nicely, fun way to make a quilt from a photo.


  4. I love the part with just her eyes, and her moustache is just so cute!

  5. It's perfect. Your correction was dead-on. This is turning out GREAT!!!

  6. Definitely worth the re-do. Its looking awesome.

  7. It was well worth the trouble to do it again!
    It looks great!

  8. PERFECT! such a pleasure seeing her come to life, right before our very eyes!! even her eyes look like they're filled with love - you have just nailed her expression & personality!!


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