Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bailey Mosaic Portrait Quilt Post #4

This was my last progress report for my quilt of my dog, Bailey.
  Or should I say Princess?
I am very happy so far.
But as usual, I have to complicate my life. 

I didn't think the original photo that I was using as my road map, was clear enough for the bottom quarter of her face.  So I decided to draw out the bottom half of the quilt for a clearer delineation between her ears and her body.
One square of the graph paper is equal to one square of the fabric.
The values of the pencil shading are equivalent to the values of the fabric.
While working on this bottom quarter using the graph,
 I did make some adjustments, especially to the collar.
This is what the bottom quarter looks like before it is pieced.  Isn't it amazing how much difference a 1/4" seam allowance changes the width? 
I chain pieced each section and pressed the seams so that they all nested together.
And then the final steps:

Finished size: 54"x54"
Quilting will be done when I get back to PA.


  1. Cheryl,
    That's amazing! I admire your patience. The quilt looks so personal and precious!

  2. awww!! that turned out SEW cute... great job, how are you going to quilt it? something all over?

  3. I am so amazed! You worked very hard on this project and it shows! It's gorgeous!!

  4. Fantastic, Cheryl!
    The shrinking up difference is amazing.
    For quilting, you could just do a hanging grid (diagonals through all the squares in both directions).
    On the other hand, freemotion quilting texture of fur would be spectacular!
    Can't wait to see what happens next!

  5. That is so wonderful and love it all together, such a fun idea.


  6. She looks adorable, I bet you can't wait to finish it! how do you think you are going to quilt it?

  7. Fantastic!!!! Sooooo cute! You did a great job and I am very interested to see how you quilt it.
    Thanks for showing us your process and that was a great picture showing us the difference that the 1/4 inch seam allowance makes, too.
    Enjoy your accomplishment, and go treat yourself! You deserve it!

  8. I really liked seeing this project being put together step by step - it is a real keepsake. Wonderful work! Lovely model too.

  9. Absolutely, perfectly ADORABLE - a superb likeness of her highness!! I don't see how it could get better, but I know your quilting will make it absolutely come alive! Can't WAIT to see it!!

  10. Awesome! Can't with to see it quilted.

  11. I love it. Whate are the size of the squares? I have always wanted to do a quilted pic of my poodle. I lost my Goldie last Oct and niw have a red small standard

    How bout teaching a class on this?

  12. Forgot to ask how many pieces. It looks like 1,296 from the photo.
    Each one meticulously placed! WOW!


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