Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The word etchings brings back memories of my mother.  I remember her telling me how young men would invite young women up to their apartmentd to see their etchings.  She never wnet, of course.  Am I dating myself?
On the last day of printmaking classes with Carroll Swayze, we learned about etchings. 
This is how she makes her beautiful art.
(You can read about the previous days here.)
We started by creating our drawing on tracing paper. 
It measures about 3" x 4".
The zinc plate was coated with asphaltum.
 The tracing paper was placed on top of the dry coated plated
 and we transferred the lines with a ball point pen.
This was then placed in an acid bath for etching.
And here is the resulting plate and some printed cards.
You can get some very delicate lines. 
Now it is ready for painting.  I haven't gotten to this step yet.
I'll put it on my list!


  1. Your cards turned out great, looks like a fun technique!

  2. Those are wonderful and a nice idea for hand made cards.


  3. Pretty amazing, notto mention beautiful!

  4. Very cool! I would love to have been there in class too! Sounds great!


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