Sunday, July 26, 2015

I Love These Skirts

I went with a couple of friends to the quilt show in Hershey this past week, Quilt Odyssey.  My take on the show is that it's 1/3 quilt exhibit, and of that, there is a large exhibit of antique quilts, and 2/3 vendors.  The quilts that are on exhibit are amazing. No photos allowed.

I found this adorable fabric in the vending area, and I knew I had to buy it to make another Curvalicious skirt to add to my collection. I love the jacks and remember playing it on the playground as a child. The fabric is from a relatively new fabric company called Cotton + Steel.

There has been so much buzz about these skirts, that I decided to share a tutorial. Depending on your sewing skill, it will take between one and two hours to make one.  Easy Peasy!
 First you will need two measurements - waist (W) and length (L).
Add 1-3/4" to the length of the skirt to cut the fabric (L + 1-3/4")
Double the waist in inches to arrive at the width of the fabric - rounding it to be divisible by 6.  This will ensure that the scallop matches when joined  the seam. (2W)
Use this same measurement for the length of the Curvalicious hem.  If adding circles to the hem,cut it 4" wide(2W x 4")  If not using circles, cut it 2-3/4" wide (2W x 2-3/4").  
Cut a piece of Fusible web that is the same as the hem minus 1/4". (2W x 3-3/4" or 2W x 2 -1/2").

Sew the right side of the border to the wrong side of the body of the skirt, matching raw edges.

 Press the seam towards the body of the  skirt.

Iron fusible web to the border matching the raw edge.
Remove the paper, fold the skirt in half widthwise, right sides together.  Use Curvalicious to cut the scallop, aligning the fold of the fabric with one edge of the tool.

If adding circles, fuse them to the border, making sure you place a piece of parchment paper or an applique pressing sheet underneath the hem to prevent it from sticking to the ironing board.

 Stitch the circles in place.  Fold the hem up and fuse in place.

 Stitch the side seam with 1/4" seam allowance, matching the scallop.  Press open and top stitch  it down, matching the bobbin thread to the skirt body fabric.
Press the top edge of the skirt 1/2" to the wrong side, fold over 1 " and press again.
Top stitch along the folded edge to create the casing for the elastic,  leaving a 1" opening.
Cut 3/4" non-roll elastic 1/2" shorter than the waist measurement.  Feed it through the casing.  Overlap it 1" and stitch across the  elastic.
Tuck into the casing.  Stitch the opening closed and you're done with the cutest, quickest skirt, ever.


  1. Too, too cute Cheryl!!! I LOVE these little skirls! I think my two great nieces will too!!!

  2. What a great tutorial! These skirts would be such fun to make... I do so wish I had some little girls to sew for.


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