Thursday, July 9, 2015

Jumping for Joy

I am dancing with joy! This beautiful watercolor of my girlfriend just arrived. 
It was done by my favorite Key West artist, Sean Callahan. He owns Dog Tired Studios. I took a watercolor class with him several years ago, as some of you might remember, and I was a total failure. We kept bumping into each other at various artsy events.  Then one day last winter, I was on one of my walks about town with Bailey, and I happened on his newly opened gallery. He was well known years ago on Martha's Vineyard for his dog portraits, but he had stepped away from doing them and had explored other topics, but had stuck with watercolor. With the opening of his gallery he decided to go back to what he loved, painting dogs, which also would pay his bills. 

To help support my friend and to have a meaningful portrait of Bailey, I commissioned a painting. We used a photo of her in my bicycle basket, a common place during our stay in Key West. I left KW in February and have been patiently waiting for its arrival. Woo Hoo!

Bailey approves. 


  1. That is a wonderful portrait of Bailey

  2. I love the painting, beautiful colors and it is the perfect setting for Bailey.


  3. It is beautiful. Wonderful to support another artist too!!


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