Monday, July 13, 2015

The Party Is Over

The quilting party is over. I'm exhausted and so inspired at the same time. 275 students eager to learn and 23 instructors eager to share made for 3 days filled with creativity and friendship. 

Show and Tell on Saturday night shares what the students created during the first two days. I was surprised to see that my Lone Star students sewed into the night after class on Friday. 

Saturday was my Perfect Pillow Curvalucious class. As a designer, it was so exciting to see all the different fabric color combinations that were chosen. 

Kathy pranked her friends. She is a brand new quilter and flew up from Mississippi to be with her friends. She sent this photo of "her finished pillow" to her friends. Although they were surprised that she had completely different fabric, they came running ....... To see my class demo!
My last class was to teach Beachalicious.  One of my students brought this great fabric. She cut out a bunch of the motifs to place in the sand. Clever. 

Just 3 of the 15 beach scenes in progress. 

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