Saturday, July 11, 2015

Mt St Mary's University & Quilting

Mt St Mary's is located in the bucolic hills of MD not far from the Gettysburg battlefields. It's not too bad a drive for me from home. My first class was yesterday, the unsilk Lone Star. But to my surprise, one of my students brought her own dupioni silk. Yay! I had just 5 students, but that was the perfect size for this type of project. 
Janet with the dupioni silk got half of her quilt done in class. I think two other students kept sewing after class into the night, so I can't wait until the Show & Tell program tonight. 

This morning my walk took me to the Grotto and the golden Jesus. I am intrigued by religious art. Sometimes I can feel the adoration of the artist. As many of you know I'm a Jew, but I admire it all. 
I would say that I am more spiritual than religious and as a Jew, I am more into religious traditions that have been passed down through the years and are practiced all over the world. Saying that, I was moved by some of the art and the quotations that I saw as I walked down the path to the Grotto. Here are some of my impressions from my walk. 

And I now have a favorite new saint, St Francis. This quote is pertinent no matter what religion you call your own, and he's an animal lover!

Off to class with a 
Intended heart. Curvalicious pillows today.  15 students! Oy!

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  1. I sure wish MAQ wasn't so close to July 4th when our family takes vacation, it looks like so much fun! Your photos of the grounds are just beautiful. I have driven by in the past when my son lived in Frederick, MD. I agree with you about St. Francis too. Our family took a trip to Italy in 2006 and Assisi is one of the most beautiful places on earth.


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